About Us

Our Mission

At CFCT, we come forward with a mission to care for and provide shelter to these poor and orphaned children, who have lacked food, love and affection throughout their growing years, with no hope of a good future.

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Charis Foundation Charitable Trust (CFCT), founded in 2004, is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that serves homeless children affected by poverty, violence or are waifs, in the bustling city of Chennai.

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Our Staff

Here is an introduction to our staff:
Our staff are some of the most dedicated, giving, god-fearing and loving people you will ever meet, giving the children love, care and deep sense of family.

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Let orphans feel your warmth & support!



Our Activities


Life at CFCT

Life at CFCT is a therapy which has been healing the wounds of young minds and hearts. Life is full of love, joy and fun here, with no dull moments. The children are united in spirit today as they have stood together in testing times.



CFCT is aiming towards a campus with “secure” atmosphere, with all necessary facilities for the growth and development of our children. We are also striving for a school to provide education to the poor and needy.


Afia Project

A 2600-square feet home for boys is presently under construction at Pothoor village. Ground level work is in progress.


Your Help


Rajshekar was barely five in 2004, when he took his tiny steps into our house along with his neighbour. By then he had lost his mother and had not seen his drunkard father for months. Today, at 15, he stands tall not just in words but also in character. He has grown to be a teenager whose love for humanity reassures us each day that we are on the right path.


Arun was just three when he lost his legs to a train accident. Today, he is a jumping jack with his prosthetic legs. All his dreams are now our dreams and we are striving together to make this world a better place for him and many others like him.


Reach Us

10/B, 1st Cross Street, T.T. Matthew Road,
Ayanambakkam, Chennai – 600 095. India.
Tel : 9176699721 / 9884141721