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Name : My name is Saravanavel
Age : I am 11 years old
Standard : I am studying in 7th STD
Hobbies : I like playing cricket with my friends, and watching movies
Aspiration : I want to become “Police”
Fact/Appel : I was brought to petra house by my uncle’s friend. I have one younger sister who also resides in our shelter. My father drinks and beats up all of us.He always has knife with him .i have always heard his voice that’ I will kill you three and I will also die’.Due to fear my uncle with the concent of my mother joined me to petra house. which offered me comfort, nourishing food, education and the possibilities of secure future.
Now I am very happy and safe. I like to play different games with the children here. I want to become a police.I need continuous guidance and care. This can be achieved through sponsorship and guidance which will help me to achieve my goals in life.




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