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Name : My name is Vinodhini
Age : I am yr old
Standard : I am studying in
Hobbies : I like drawing
Aspiration : I want to became Doctor
Fact/Appel : I am currently lives in our girl’s home. I have one elder brother. When I was very young my mother committed suicide. After her mother’s death my father started going for seasonal jobs. My father was an alcoholic and would spend all his earnings on alcohol. I had never been to school. My father was unable to provide basic needs. One of CF team member met my grandmother who is no more now and my father send me to girls home who offered her comfort, companionship, food, and education .I am so happy and safe. I like to play with the other children. I also likes drawing and is given continuous love and guidance for my secure future.
I aims to be a doctor. This can be achieved through sponsorship and guidance which will help me to reach her goals in my life.




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