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Name : My name is Stefia
Age : I am yr old
Standard : I am studying in
Hobbies : I like to reading books
Aspiration : I want to became a Teacher
Fact/Appel : Stefia currently lives in Petra house.She has one elder brother who also resides in our shelter. She originate from the state of kerala.Her parents serve as warden for boys at Petra, due to financial crisis. Her father’s friend recommended Benhanaan to Petra house, which offered her comfort and education.Her parents wish to give her better education. All basic needs of child is provided at the shelter for a good future. Now she feels very happy and safe. she likes to play different games with her friends. she is an obedient child with a smile on her face. she needs continues love and affection.
She aims to be a teacher This can be achieved through sponsorship and guidance which will help her to achieve her goals in life.




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