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Name : My name is Suvithra
Age : I am yr old
Standard : I am studying in
Hobbies : I like to draw picture
Aspiration : I want to became Accountant
Fact/Appel : I am currently lives in the girls’ Home. I am from the village of Kadapakkam. I have one younger brother who is also in our shelter. When I was small I lost my father due to an accident in the sea. After my father’s death mother could not meet our basic requirements. My mother used to sell fish in the market and had only less income. Although my mother wished me to be sent to school, she was unable to provide my proper education. Seeing her miserable state her friend recommended my mother to our girl’s home. To avoid further suffering my mother came to us for help and requested us to admit her in CF care. I was quickly admitted and welcomed in our girls’ home which offered her comfort, companionship, nourishing food, education and the possibility of a secure future. Now I feel so happy and safe. I like to play co- co.
I want to be in an office .I likes to be an accountant. This can be achieved through sponsorship which will help me to achieve her goals in my life.




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