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Name : My name is Shalini
Age : I am yr old
Standard : I am studying in
Hobbies : I like to play co co
Aspiration : I want to became a Teacher
Fact/Appel : Shalini currently lives in our girls home. She has one elder brother who also resides in home. Her father is drunkard and has deserted the family. Mother unable to provide food, clothes, education and basic requirements of children.Shalinis uncle’s friend recommend them to our care. She was welcomed to our lovable home which offered her comfort, nourishing food, education and the possibilities of secure future.Salini is very happy. She likes to play different games with our home children. She likes drawing and coloring.
Her ambition is to become a teacher. She is given continous guidance and care. This can be achieved through sponsorship which will help her to achieve her goals in life.




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