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Name : My name is Revathi
Age : I am yr Old
Standard : I am studying in
Hobbies : I like to play co co
Aspiration : I want to became a Teacher
Fact/Appel : I am currently lives in our girls Home. I have two elder sisters. My has father and due to being tortured by my step mother all three girls were handed over to their distant relative who was the resident of Chennai. Due to their inconvenience in bringing those up me came to our girls‘home. When I was small my leg was bitten by snake and has physical handicap on. I have twisted leg and club foot. I was operated twice .Dr recommends one more operation to correct my leg to the normal position. I very grateful to dad and mom who take care of me in the girls’ home. I am so happy and safe. I like to play a game known as co-co. I am industrious girl and am always happy. I need love and guidance.
My aim to be a teacher. This can be achieved through sponsorship and guidance which will help me to achieve my goals in life.




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