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Name : My name is Rajasekar
Age : I am 15 years old
Standard : I am studying in 11th STD
Hobbies : I like playing football with my friends, and reading books
Aspiration : I want to become “Collector”
Fact/Appel : I was brought by my neighborhood uncle named Denni. I have been here since eleven yrs . I have one elder brother. I have just heard of my mother that she is no more. My father is addicted to alcohol.He left the home when I was 4 yr old.Denni uncle took me to his house but as he had a big family to support he sent me to petra house after 6 months time.I was the first student of petra house. Recently with the help of our home field workers they found out my father but unfortunately he is sick due to the addiction.
I always enjoy , being in Petra House. I like playing with my friends. My ambition becomes a Collector. This can be achieved through sponsorship and guidance which will help me to achieve my goals.




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