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Ashish Kumar

Name : My name is Ashish Kumar
Age : I am 9 years old
Standard : I am studying in 4th STD
Hobbies : I like playing with my friends, and watching movies
Aspiration : I want to become “Engineer”
Fact/Appel : I have one younger brother who is also resides with me in shelter. My father died due to cancer. After my father’s death we went through financial crisis and my mother was unable to send us to school nor provide our basic needs. Through P.P Job Director of a school in Coimbatore we came to know about this illam. Here we have everything in sufficient, food, education, basic needs and secure hope for future.
Now I feel very happy and safe. I like to play foot ball and different games with my friends in Petra house. I also like coloring and drawing. My aim is to be an engineer. I need continuous guidance and love. This can be achieved through sponsorship by which I can reach my goals.




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