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Name : My name is Arun
Age : I am 5 years old
Standard : I am studying in UKG STD
Hobbies : I like playing with my friends
Aspiration : I want to become a “Buisines man”
Fact/Appel : I was brought in by my mother. I have two elder brothers. My house is beside railway track. I lost my right leg from knee due to train accident . My irresponsible parents tied me with a rope on my hip and went out for their earnings.By then my knee got infected and swollen up due to improper care.Charis foundation found me and gave me good treatment in Ramachandra hospital.My leg was amputated and now I go to school with my artificial leg . My father is a drunkard. Illam takes care of my basic requirements,education and medical treatments.
Now I am very happy and safe. I do play in the junior football team. I want to become a business man. I need regular guidance and support to achieve this goal.




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