Life at CFCT is a therapy which has been healing the wounds of young minds and hearts. Life is full of love, joy and fun here, with no dull moments. The children are united in spirit today as they have stood together in testing times.

Rajshekar was barely five in 2004, when he took his tiny steps into our house along with his neighbour. By then he had lost his mother and had not seen his drunkard father for months.

Today, at 15, he stands tall not just in words but also in character. He has grown to be a teenager whose love for humanity reassures us each day that we are on the right path.

Rajshekar is just one of the thousand dreams that we have envisaged. We have a long way towards our mission.

charity-your help
charity your help

On Dec 26, 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, resulted in a Tsunami, which brought devastation to the coastal villages and towns of Tamil Nadu. When the world was celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas Day and further celebrations on Boxing Day, there were thousands of children who were uprooted from their society, schools and homes. The Tsunami majorly turned the world upside down for the fisher folk’s community. Their hapless children lost their childhood due to the nature’s fury. CFCT joined hands in this difficult time to provide 420 children, below 18 years, with a meal every day for six months in Kalpakkam, a fishing town 70 kiometres away from Chennai. The objective was to provide healthy and nutritious food to these children as the Tsunami had brought havoc into their lives. Many children, below 13, were also brought into CFCT home in Chennai. They were subsequently admitted to English Medium Schools in Chennai. Regular counselling was also provided to these kids.

Today, we have many of our children who go to professional institutes to pursue their dreams, while many others go to schools in efforts to build up their future. The school-going children go to English-medium schools and are ferried on our school van so as to provide them security and safety.

These children are also trained in music, driving and computers. We are also trying to imbibe leadership qualities in each of these children.

Arun was just three when he lost his legs to a train accident.

Today, he is a jumping jack with his prosthetic legs. All his dreams are now our dreams and we are striving together to make this world a better place for him and many others like him.

charity-your help

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